IGLU Inuit 16 I air-to-water heat pump

IGLU® Inuit heat pumps use air, which is transferred from one environment to another, for home heating and cooling. Even at low outdoor temperatures, heat is extracted from the air and directed inside the building.

Cooling involved the reverse process — the heat accumulated inside the premises is transferred to outdoor via a pump.

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Lithuanian heat pump manufacturer IGLU® offers solutions for residents of private and multi-apartment houses as well as industrial and public facilities.

IGLU® heat pumps for heating and cooling production have a distinctive robust design — no buttons on the housing, only an illuminated IGLU® logo that indicates the pump status. IGLU® pumps are controlled by a mobile application even where there is no internet connection; for this purpose, the manufacturer implemented a local control function in the heat pumps.

Another innovation is that all IGLU® heat pumps are connected to a remote service platform, where the pump operation is constantly monitored and faults can be solved without a physical presence of a repairman.

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Air to water


Inverter heat pumps

Vidinis blokas

IGLU Inuit 16 SIU

Vandens šildytuvas

Without water heater

Garso lygis

26 dB

Išorinis blokas

IGLU Inuit 16 ISOU

Gabaritiniai matmenys


Šiluminė galia

16 kW

Šaldymo galia (A35/W18)

15 kW

COP (A7/W35)


EER (A35/W18)